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YAS show off fa JESUS



There are those in the fandom who are mad at Levi for the way he handled things with Historia, and quite frankly I was a little startled too when he got all in her face and yanked her up in the air like that. But in all honesty…

This was a really powerful scene. 

It reminded not only the cadets but us, the readers, that all of them might no make it to the end of the manga. And that’s a really, really sad thought. You can see the look on everyone’s faces. In their heads they’re thinking, “We’ve gotten too comfortable. We’ve gotten too sloppy.” 

Although I believe Historia is a precious flower that should be protected at all cost we have to remember that she’s a SOLDIER. A soldier that has seen far more worse things than a screaming Levi. It’s sad that she has to be thrown into this whole Queen thing but, like Mikasa said…

"This world is cruel." 

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